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Screen Free Activities & Playlist Recommendations

Happy Friday! Some weeks tend to drag and this one was a long one. Here's a short and sweet post to get your weekend going!

Now that the sun sets super early and the weather has been chilly, I've been wanting to do more fun indoor activities. For those of you who try to minimize screen time with your kids or want to minimize it, here are some fun Friday night ways to play at home :) I know we'll be doing some of these tonight.

Make a Fort

I loved making forts as a kid! One of the best parts about having them is getting to play like one again. Make a fort for your kid or if they're old enough, get them to help. Get creative and see what materials in the house make a good fort! Bring some blankets, flashlights, snacks, books, stuffed animals, or blocks in there. Whatever your kiddos enjoy.

Flashlight Play

We might as well capitalize on the early nighttime and have some flashlight fun! Toddlers might like following light on the ground as much as cats do. Turn it into a science exploration by talking about the light vs. shadow or notice how the light changes size or intensity as it moves around the room. Lay on the ground and let the light dance on the ceiling :)

Finger shadow animals

I just looked up finger shadow animals and was amazed how many animals you can make with two hands!! I've only ever made bunnies and dogs. If your kiddos love animals, this would be a fun game of charades. If you also have older kiddos, see if they can make some of the animals themselves!

Play Playlist Recommendations!

We are a music oriented family and are constantly listening to something! Does anyone else detest children's music as much as I do? As a classroom teacher for 10 years I really did my best to avoid children's music. I love music and it's a huge part of my life but I couldn't do it.

The "Putumayo Kids Presents" series of albums is wonderful! It is geared toward kids but is not childish. It introduces kids to different music styles from around the world. We often listen to this at home while we play. We often listen to whatever we want to, but whenever I'm trying to create an atmosphere that reminds me to be play focused, we will turn this on. There are so many options on Spotify ranging from Cuban playground (our personal favorite) to Vintage France & Celtic Cafe. I haven't even listened to all of them since there are so many to choose from!

I'll be updating this post with pictures of our Friday night play soon. I hope you make something epic & perfect with your kiddos. I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


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